How To Do The Back Arch And Cry Baby Dance Move

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How To Do The Back Arch And Cry Baby Dance Move

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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This move has been a favorite of trending music artists like Megan Thee Stallion and TikTokers worldwide, but it’s actually been around for the majority of the 2000s!

Even though the move mimics a baby throwing a tantrum on the floor, the booty popping motion makes it suggestive enough for any baddie routine. ;)

Watch the move demonstrated here:

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How to do the Back Arch and Cry Baby:

  1. Start on the floor with the left side of your body facing sideways in the mirror. Sit on your knees with your booty resting on your heels.
  2. For the first movement, turn your head so that your face is looking directly at the mirror, and as you do so, whip your hair over your right shoulder so there isn’t any hair in your face. As you’re whipping your head and hair, place your right hand on the ground straight out in front of you.
  3. Now begin sliding your right arm out and follow the sliding right arm with your entire torso and head. Bring your head to the floor, arch your back with your booty in the air as high as you can, and bring your left hand to the floor beside you for balance. Then, slowly melt your torso down to the ground as as your right hand and arm continue to reach forward.
  4. As your body flattens to the floor, put your right leg straight behind you and your left knee bent at a 90 degree angle on the ground.
  5. Once your entire body is flat on the floor, you’re ready to do the cry baby portion! To do it, arch your back to bring your booty up and then set it down allowing your booty to jiggle. Now add in the pounding motion with your left arm by balling your hand into a fist and striking the floor beside you each time you set your booty down.
  6. To get out of this position, bring your bent left knee straight backward so that your body is creating a straight line on the floor, and push up off the floor with your hands to come back to your kneeling position again.

All done!

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